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Greetings friends and clients,

It has been ages since we have put an update here. We enjoy keeping up with each of you through our appointments and telephone calls, but it is time for us to bring some focus to the site. In that respect, we are very much interested in hearing from those of you who visit this site to let us know the sort of information and updates you would like to find on a regular basis. Please take a moment to send us your feedback via our Contact Page.

Since our last update (nearly 5 years ago!), many things have happened. Bob Legg has officially retired after an exemplary 50-year career. He remains in contact with us and enjoys a bit of consulting work every now and again, but he is slowly adjusting to the retired life and (gasp!) even learning how to have a good time. Bob’s retirement was hastened somewhat by the unexpected passing of his wife – and long-time Legg & Watne office administrator – Erlen. Her loss was a heavy blow to all of us, and she is greatly missed. A good thing did come from it, however, when Erlen’s daughter, Linda Legg, joined our team to help us cover the void. She had some mighty shoes to fill, but did so with gusto and really made the position her own. We’re very pleased to have her in the office.

Many more changes have occurred over the years, most of which you know from your many visits. And many changes are on the horizon as we constantly work to innovate our business and bring you the very best in accounting resources. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring our website up to speed. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for your continued business and support, and we look forward to working with you both now and moving forward.

Legg & Watne, CPAs

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